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Why does an artist need her own projects?

Simply put, there are things I want to say, and multimedia concerts is the medium in which I love most to say them. I also relish amplifying stories of others through performance. In my projects, I combine songs with other elements including staging, visuals, and readings to share stories that demand to be heard.

Most of my projects originate in love for a particular text. For as long as I’ve been singing, I have been drawn to song lyrics and poetry. And then, there’s the way that poems and music interact with the community. I love music’s ability to bring communities together; to spark conversations; to lead us all to a more empathetic existence by exposing us to narratives that differ from our own. Will our project bring people together to celebrate something known and loved, or aim to present a program that will challenge our audiences to contemplate an unknown? Or both?

Thank you for your interest in my projects. Those collected here are just the tip of the iceberg… more to come!

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